DeviceOn For Azure (Enterprise)

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Overview DeviceOn, a brand-new designed IoT device operations and management solution based on AKS

DeviceOn AKS version that containers are running with Azure Kubernetes Service that’s much easier to upgrade to new version, and fully flexible system that adapts to use only the resources you need.

Provides customer the service of remotely monitoring and management, and bridging across layers in Advantech IoT Platform Architecture, including IoT device, system and cloud layers. Pre-integrated with McAfee, Acronis software to enable seamless and secure data flow from sensor to cloud. Under this salable framework, DeviceOn Enterprise provides connectivity for 10k+ scale devices, full device life cycle management can keep your device up and running and keep software up-to-date and secure. End-up, reduce the daily operation and maintenance cost.

Below several Azure Services in DeviceOn Enterprise version

  1. Azure Kubernetes Service
  2. Azure IoT Hub
  3. Azure Function
  4. Azure Service Bus

How to quickly deploy  DeviceOn Enterprise?

Based on our build script, it is pretty simple to deploy services under subscription. please link to below technical document and operate around 3 steps.

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