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Advantech’s iTeleMed Solutions Start your virtual care service right now!

Advantech’s iTeleMed solutions are designed to facilitate the provision of remote care and virtual outpatient service by establishing a unified platform for accessing exam results and medical records, scheduling appointments, and managing treatment services.

iTeleMed solution offerings include a variety of solution suites aimed at diverse applications and the iTeleMed P2P software portal. This software portal bridges the gaps in current healthcare services by enabling medical professionals to provide care to remote patients through virtual interaction. Meanwhile, each iTeleMed solutions suite offers the advantages of a lightweight web-based design, HIPAA compliance, and intuitive operation to ensure easy deployment.

Combined with existing infrastructure, Advantech’s iTeleMed solutions enable healthcare institutions to deliver intelligent patient-centered care.

What's Inside

1. Appointment management

  • Create consultation events
  • Schedule synchronization
  • Ease patient registration
  • Edit patient lists
  • Modify patient info

2. Patient exam

  • Upload patient exams and results (iExam)
  • Survey exam results quickly

3. Tele-consultations

  • Join video chats
  • Take SOAP format records
  • View exam results
  • Attach images for improved record keeping
  • Provide patient queue dashboards

4. Report/record

  • Consult record reviews
  • Return/update records on HIS/EMR


  • Streamlined installation
  • Easy deployment (web-based)
  • Intuitive design
  • Achieve HIPAA and GDPR compliance


  • Shorten patient travel times
  • Expand community healthcare availability
  • Achieve seamless patient-centered care
  • Enable responsive remote care

Application Scenarios

  • Delivering virtual care to rural areas
  • On-demand care at pharmacies
  • Tele-ER on offshore vessels

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