StoreVue Inspection

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StoreVue Inspection, optimization for operations.

StoreVue Inspection which suitable for tea, catering, convenience and many other industries is a product specially designed for chain store managers. It uses advanced IOT technology, cloud storage, video analysis technology and mobile Internet technology to provide enterprise managers with the most direct and effective operation and management methods, and helps managers to manage many stores easily, understand the operating status and on-site conditions of stores anytime and anywhere, make correct business decisions, and improve management efficiency.


What's Inside

  • Store Monitor: help managers easily manage stores and keep track of store status at any time.
  • Onsite Patrol: paperless store patrol to eliminate all cheating.
  • Remote Patrol: adhere to the unified principle of inspection standards; managers can check the operation status of the store with video.
  • Event Management: help to accelerate the implementation of regulations with refined closed-loop management.

Statistics Analysis: improve store operations by analyzing various data and optimize the refined management of stores.

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