StoreVue Signage

pateikė Advantech

StoreVue Signage - Interactive Digital Signage Solution for Retail Industry.

StoreVue signage cloud platform is designed for simplifying advertisement broadcasting requirement, providing cost-effective performance and delivering state-of-the-art content distribution solutions. The store manager could make a program in anywhere, any time, and dispatch the content to clients everywhere.

The digital signage suite includes a server license that offers complete flexibility and control over displays and content with friendly interface, no need to deploy and maintain a server in store environment.


What's Inside

  • Make and edit program to anywhere in anytime
  • Remotely manage the clients you have installed
  • Dispatch program by one click to everywhere client has been installed
  • Schedule the playing time according to the day, month, year
  • Support diverse interactions, screen touch, sensors, mobile device
  • Detailed statistic dashboard for making precise strategy

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