Ansys Digital Twin

pateikė ANSYS, Inc.

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Digital twin models that capture the accuracy of physics at the speed of real-time

This solution component helps OEMs of industrial equipment who deliver asset monitoring solutions integrate complex physics simulation into their solutions to improve accuracy and adaptability and increase their solution’s ROI. OEMs of complex equipment like drives, pumps, boilers, compressors, and exchanges are under pressure to deliver value through remote monitoring and solutions that detect events using past outcomes coded in a rules engine or inferred using machine learning. This component allows solutions to enhance asset condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and performance optimization with high-speed (<1 second results) physics simulations of equipment response in electromagnetics, fluid and thermal dynamics, and structural mechanics. The improved simulation outcomes not only deliver more value but also allow customers to perform real “what if” testing of scenarios. Integration of the simulation is done easily with the solution’s Time Series Database and Azure Functions and model building is quick with a GUI and pre-built customizable templates for common equipment components. Higher accuracy and adaptability for solutions and ease of integration create a more valuable customer solution and enhance the ROI of the equipment builder’s hardware and software.

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