WorkSchool 365 for CRM + LMS (customer/student) WorkSchool 365

Engage/trade via SurveyQuiz + EventReview + Stripe + OAuth over Microsoft Business Apps (MBA)

(1.) WorkSchool 365 App integrates the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + Learning Management System (LMS) for your Business or University to engage/qualify/educate prospective users into paying/subscribed/grantee customers/students or paid reviewers/teachers via an integration of e-commerce payment (Card, AliPay, Wechat Pay, PayPal) + Business Applications MBA (Azure AD, SharePoint Teams, Power Automate). 
(1.1.) WorkSchool 365 SurveyQuiz are Excel workbooks of auto-graded survey/quizzes with shareable transcripts of School, and 
(1.2.) WorkSchool 365 EventReview are SharePoint calendars of review-assignments for events/documents with shareable receipts of Work, and
(1.3.) WorkSchool 365 Users are passwordless sign-in/sign-up via Microsoft/Azure/Outlook or Google or Facebook or Email; WorkSchool 365 guarantees the highest degree of identity governance and security (passwordless single sign-on, zero knowledge of payment methods), and the highest level of data governance and compliance (data loss prevention and retention, zero storage of sensitive info, auditable logs, eDiscovery, version history, verifiable online transcripts/receipts)

(2.) is an instance of the WorkSchool 365 for end-users to trade/engage in art writing & filming ( mathematics ).
(2.1.) Cycle 1 ( Learners ) SurveyQuiz+EventReview is free; Cycle 3 ( Reviewers ) may create their own instances of paid non-free thematic Cycles 2 ( Seminarians ).
(2.2.) Challenge: call for students/teachers volunteers to translate into the SurveyQuiz workbooks ( which also load the COQ/鸡算计 computer into Excel as the new COQ365 interactive add-in; ref: )...
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