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Aprimo Productivity Management simplifies and automates marketing collaboration.

Get content, campaigns, and experiences to market faster.

Today’s marketer faces a work culture of high burnout rates, rushed decisions, and ad hoc planning. Combined with limited resources, growing ecosystems, and channel explosion, marketers need intelligent work management technology to meet consumer expectations.

Aprimo Productivity Management helps manage tasks and automate workflows as a proven, scalable enterprise class solution. Exclusively built on Microsoft Azure, it enables marketers, creatives, and agencies to manage brand activities, automate resource planning, and measure performance. With the ability to integrate with Aprimo Idea Lab, companies can take ideas from concept to planning, budgeting and creation. Increase speed to market and improve ROI while creating a stronger work culture.

Key Advantages and Features:

Manage agile marketing activity

  • View all marketing projects within a single interface to help drive marketing priorities
  • View and align campaigns based on marketing priorities, leading to more streamlined campaigns
  • Source new marketing content, campaigns, and projects from across the organization with adaptive, intelligent work request forms
  • Automatically route tasks based on the type of request to drive agility
  • Ensure all brand and regulatory compliance needs are met before any projects kick off

Marketing collaboration

  • View and edit campaign calendars and timelines in one place
  • Automatically manage tasks with reminders, notifications, and agile project boards to make day-to-day task management easier
  • Intelligent workflows help manage creative agencies to get more value from your agency spend
  • Marketers, creatives, and agencies can easily collaborate and mark up creative materials for review and approval

Resource planning

  • Automatically manage and redistribute resources based on availability to get to market more quickly
  • Add visibility to managing internal resources vs. agency resources
  • Build the right team for high-value campaigns to drive richer customer experiences

Marketing analytics

  • Gain insights into resource allocation and timelines across teams, projects, and workflows to understand and improve marketing KPIs
  • Present a centralized dashboard view into all activities in one centralized location
  • View campaign and content analytics to better understand what types of experiences resonate with audiences

Content management

  • Ensure campaigns are always on-brand
  • A single place to quickly search and find assets
  • Add content to projects and reuse content for new campaigns
  • Automatically retire content that is off-brand and or has expired rights

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