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Archive360 archiving and records management - your data in your Azure tenant under your control.

Archive2Azure is an intelligent, open-standard archiving and records management platform that reduces the costs (by as much as 90%) of storing and managing massive volumes of data while meeting complex legal and regulatory requirements – 100% deployed in YOUR Azure tenant for unparalleled information and infrastructure security.

Archive2Azure delivers long-term, secure, compliant and cost-effective retention, disposition and management of structured and unstructured data, including Office 365 (Teams, OneDrive, mail, etc), file shares, audio, video, legacy archives, data from legacy systems, CRM and ERP, social media, data in excess of SharePoint storage limits, and journal email for regulatory compliance.

Benefits include:

  • Data resides in YOUR tenant secured with YOUR encryption keys and is stored in its native format - which means no vendor lock-in
  • Audited compliance for industry regulations across all data types
  • Ability to retire your legacy applications and securely classify and manage the data in Azure
  • Secure, on-demand or continuous indexing with privileged searches
  • Support for legal teams with EDRM and eDiscovery capabilities
  • Support for compliance teams with data privacy and data sovereignty standards
  • Dynamic data analysis with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Media Services, and Cognitive Services
  • Zero-trust security model with entitlement-based access and right to audit
  • 100% Azure infrastructure for hyper-scale resiliency and elasticity
  • Experience working with 2000+ organizations worldwide, and migrating and managing 50+PB of data in Azure

"Having everything in our own Azure storage account, in its native format, is very helpful to us. But what we really needed was access for our legal team and absolute data fidelity. That's why we moved forward with Archive2Azure."

Archive360 is a Global Co-Sell Prioritized ISV and Microsoft Preferred Supplier trusted by more than 2000 customers around the world to securely migrate their data to the Microsoft cloud so they can manage it according to their specific and complex legal, regulatory, and knowledge mining requirements. For more information, please visit

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