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Do you want to access all the knowledge of your company in a simple and easy way?

Atomian Discover is a Self-Service Business Intelligence tool, based on Artificial Intelligence, that provides instant access in natural language to all of the knowledge of your organization.

Obtain a drastic time and cost reduction for information accessing the key information.

Atomian Discover allows users to design their own dashboard in minutes. It is easy and intuitive, and IT support it’s not needed at any time. Users just type queries and the answer is obtained in seconds. Responses are conclusive and not based on probabilities, so it allows users to make quick decisions based on real data.

With Atomian Discover you can:

  • Ask any query in natural language. We have English and Spanish versions.
  • Obtain the conclusive answer in seconds and up to date, saving costs.
  • Design your own personal dashboard in minutes.
  • No training needed. Anybody can use the tool from day one. You’re already a BI expert!

Process installation is fast and can be done on premise or cloud. Up to you.

Contact us for a live demo at or send us an email to

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