AVEVA™ Operations Control

pateikė AVEVA

Everything you need to monitor, maintain and improve your production output

  1. AVEVA Operations Control provides the operations control software necessary for modern industrial operations and gives teams a consistent method of collaborating and operating from a cohesive and sustainable framework.
  2. AVEVA’s entire HMI, SCADA and Operations portfolio is made available as part of a simplified licensing offer to speed time to value and provide you with the software you need to drive improved decision-making across the entire business. With AVEVA's Operational Control comes commercial and architectural flexibility to enable hybrid cloud and IIoT deployment while always ensuring right-sized expenditures on software.
  3. This comprehensive solution delivers unparalleled flexibility and convenience by providing AVEVA’s market-leading HMI & supervisory visualization, collaboration, manufacturing execution, and analytics software as a combined subscription that empowers teams with a complete set of capabilities to help improve operational excellence from edge to enterprise.

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