Vidaví for Microsoft Dynamics 365

pateikė Axians Healthcare

Healthcare ERP Solutions

This application is only available in Dutch.

Vidaví is an integrated solution that supports the business processes in healthcare institutions in care, cure & mental Healthcare. Vidaví is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution which combines the future-ready Microsoft technology with the expertise of Axians Healthcare.

Vidaví supports the complex purchasing, logistic and financial processes in healthcare institutions in both care & cure. Our goal is to bring processes together to streamline operations and to optimize financial performance. Vidaví Webportal enables employees to order articles, services, repairs or to ask for quotations first. Comprehensive workflow functionality enables them to follow the status of their orders and it is possible to install authorizations for managers or experts. Vidaví OR Logistics is designed for tracing articles uses in operating rooms including serial numbers and expiration dates of inventory.

Vidaví has a role-based and intuitive interface. Vidaví has many integration options, including integration with Microsoft Office which makes it easy tot export data to Excel, Word or Outlook. There are also interfaces with primary care systems such as electronic patient record systems. Extensive workflow functionality is available which can be adapted to the business processes of your organization. Vidaví is available as an on-premises solution but also provided on the modern Azure platform.

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