Trade Promotion & Profitability Management

pateikė BASYS

Trade promotion mngt with real-time forecasting for emerging markets of consumers goods producers

Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) featured by Power BI Embedded and Azure ML services to enhance your trade promotion, sales volumes and margins. App provides with end-to-end KAM -> Sales Operations -> Revenue & Profit planning capabilities. Allows to smartly manage trade relationships and spendings with real-time KPI forecasting 18 months ahead. Following intellectual assistants included :
- AI Sales prediction. Predicting quarter volumes by brand and forecast unit (retail chain/territory) with 85%+ accuracy versus targets as a reference point for planning promotions
- Promo adviser. Calculate the optimal trade promotion volume, discounts and other spendings based on the elasticity of SKU/brand/chain, mechanic, periods, off-investments, after promo effect etc.
- Promo wizard. Plan your promotions as you go keeping the sales, investment and profits forecasts up-to-date real-time
- Promo analyzer. Control volumes, ROI and profit margins comparing baseline and promo scenarios from SKU/client/territory level to the whole business.
- Promo approval. Keep up-to-date promotion calendar with flexi and fast approval, guidelines and targets achievement control. Act faster then competitors
- What If analysis. Analyze your business forecast, interdependent performance indicators, opportunities and promo demand risks using the what-if approach
- Revenue/P&L real-time forecasting. Automatically update your P&L forecasts following changes in trading/contractual terms, grow factors such as number of sales outlets, client’s category size, etc.
- Target listing management. Keep up-to-date your target listings - add new items, remove items, change listing/delisting dates and get your forecast updated accordingly
- Sales target management. Set and update targets for the key performance indicators using the up-down scenario planning approach
- Teams collaboration. Build end-to-end real time communication between teams to update promotions and demand forecasts
- Social AI insight. Support promotions in social networks, involve consumers and get real time feedback. Get brand awareness analytics vs actual sales and promotions performed

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