Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS)

pateikė Beabloo

Digital solutions to assess, analyze and improve the customer experience in physical spaces.

Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) integrated digital solutions allow businesses to communicate with in-store customers, analyze their behavior, and create personalized and automated experiences. ACIS features cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and covers the entire retail customer journey, from awareness, to purchase and loyalty.

Based on our existing technologies and responding to the COVID-19 new reality, we have created a new solution, Interaction Care. It  uses a unique combination of technologies to help our clients proactively protect their customers and employees on site from high-risk situations that could jeopardize their health and safety.


Solutions to achieve a greater visual impact for brands, improve sales and reach more customers with digital points of contact distributed throughout the store. Tools to show content at the right place and time and manage a digital signage network with a centralized system. 


Solutions to discover customer interests, demographic data and in-store paths, always respecting privacy. Key tools to access valuable metrics that help brands make decisions and Maximize their reach with more focused campaigns. 


Solutions to gain customer loyalty through interactive experiences, automate processes with the help of artificial intelligence, and position stores and brands with customer service and personalization that makes customers keep coming back. 

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