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BRAINKIN leverages IoT in the industrial plant to connect every entity to optimize the production

"This application is available only in Italian language."
BRAINKIN leverages the potential of IoT in the industrial plant to connect in real time every entity (machines, sensors, hardware and software systems) for one purpose: consistently maximize industrial plant’s production efficiency.
BRAINKIN, based on Azure services that can be installed OnEdge or OnCloud, focuses on innovation by acting with its six modules, structures able to communicate with the technologies already installed into implants:
Asset Monitoring – monitors the correct use of the machine and manages its alarms; 
Production Monitoring – monitor machine production, analyzing performance and causes of stationary;
Edge Analytics – sets the data control rules, triggering notifications to the actors involved in the production; 
Quality Management – allows you to check in time the quality of the pieces produced is real in relation to the process parameters;
Maintenance Management – analyze the cycle in real time life of the machine, planning the maintenance plan; 
Energy Management – it analyzes the energy consumption of the system in real time and identifies anomalies and inefficiencies; in addition, it allows you to create an on / off plan for specific areas of the system, thus optimizing the resources available.
BRAINKIN meets the needs of various type of users in the manufacturing industry: Operation Directors, Maintenance Directors and Plant Managers, who want to control implant in an easy way, but also machines/plants builders, who want a tool to achieve servitization. 
Today the need of the customers is to collect, store and process a big chunk of data, coming from control and process systems placed inside industrial plants. Analyzing and verifying these data, BRAINKIN improves production’s quality, aiming to efficiency and costs cutting.

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