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Anonymize faces & license plates on images & videos automatically | For GDPR, CCPA & CSL compliance

brighter Redact offers various solutions to automatically redact faces and license plates on images and videos with highest quality.

  • Easy-to-use: Simple integration via cloud API or online user interface
  • Precise: >99% anonymization accuracy
  • Fast: Fully automatic, AI-powered anonymization software
  • Secure: Hosted on MS Azure with TLS encrypted API
  • AI-compatible: Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) enables analytics and machine learning compatibility
  • Compliance: Anonymized data is by nature not personal and therefore not subject to data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, CSL/PIS, etc.)

Protect personally identifiable information in images and videos against identification through facial or license plate recognition software and comply with data privacy regulations. 

Anonymize image and video material without losing compatibility with analytics and machine learning through our unique DNAT solution.

Speed up public data collection and data sharing across domains, such as autonomous driving, video analytics, labelling, and video management systems.


Why anonymization? Privacy laws as well as the increasing use of facial and license plate recognition software require very responsible and secure handling of sensitive personally identifiable information, especially in video and image material.

What can be anonymized? Faces, full bodies, and license plates can be redacted on images and videos.

How is the data anonymized? We offer blurring of faces, full bodies, and license plates with Precision Blur and AI-compatible anonymization with DNAT.

Which formats are supported? All common image and video formats are supported.

How can I  use brighter Redact? We offer an API (including guides and documentation) and an online user interface on our website.

Is my data secure? Yes, we use the secure MS Azure cloud and a TLS encrypted API.

Do you store or use my data? No, we neither store nor use your data. You have full control over your own data.

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