SaaS DQM e-Mails


DQM e-Mails is real time and batch solutions to check contact e-Mails, able to control and validate

This application is available only in French DQM e-Mails
SaaS DQM e-Mails Service is a fully innovative and novel Technological Solution to validate syntax, domain names and recipients of email addresses.

Many applications in various areas such as e-Marketing, e-Commerce and CRM databases can use it to enhance data quality and email campaign deliverability.

To perform these validations, SaaS DQM e-Mails Service interacts, in real time, with mail servers and returns especially rich information about e-Mail state when it has been validated :

  • a synthetic code to specify if it has been fully validated, it has only been validated to domain name or it is invalid,
  • an indicator that lets you know whether that possible failure is temporary or permanent,
  • four classes of values providing accurate detailed information on each level of control achieved.
Thus, SaaS DQM e-Mails Service may highlight, for example, domain names that exist without mail server or recipients whose mailbox is full.

SaaS DQM e-Mails Service can be used to validate addresses in real time, at data entry, on "batch" during service delivery, occasional or automated. Remote batches can even be processed without file transfer.

SaaS DQM e-Mails Service is part of a range of four SaaS Services published by CBC DEVELOPPEMENT. In addition of e-Mail addresses validation, these services allow to restructure and normalize Postal Addresses, update and enrich Phone Numbers, assign « SIRET code » and enrich BtoB databases.

This range of Services is designed to handle both existing data « in stock » (when migrating database, for example) and process « flow » that appends BtoC and BtoB databases in their daily lives.

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