eInsight™ B2C & B2B CRM

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Cendyn’s revolutionary integrated platform for hospitality sales and marketing teams

eInsight B2C & B2B CRM

eInsight CRM: A true 360-degree view of your guests

eInsight CRM, a comprehensive B2C Customer Relationship Management platform by Cendyn, provides marketing automation and guest intelligence for enterprise hotels, multi-property and multi-brand hotels. It consolidates and enriches disparate data, delivering personalized communications to every guest. Rules-based automation combined with sophisticated personalization and upsell opportunities allow hoteliers to learn more about their guests, enhance loyalty and drive revenue across their business.

eInsight CRM highlights

Single guest view

eInsight CRM consolidates, cleanses, and enriches your data, providing a central source of truth for each guest. Unified profiles are updated in real time with data from all customer touchpoints, multiple data sources, and more than 400 integrations.


Make every guest feel like a VIP using the most sophisticated personalization tools in the industry. Use rich guest profile data to define and segment target audiences based on stay history, preferences, loyalty status, lifetime value score and more.

Marketing automation

Engage customers throughout the guest journey using automation, segmentation, and dynamic content that powers relevant and personalized experiences.

Email marketing

Create on brand campaigns targeted with the right message for the right guest.

Business Intelligence

Visualize and analyze your marketing data to get the deepest view of your campaign results across all channels with our powerful reporting tool, CRM Analytics, driven by Microsoft Power BI.

eInsight Sales: True sales automation for hotels

eInsight Sales, a comprehensive B2B Customer Relationship Management platform by Cendyn, enables hotels to take the lead with their sales pipeline and drive demand across their corporate business.

eInsight Sales highlights

Integrate your most important data

Empowered by the same PMS data that powers eInsight™ CRM, eInsight Sales enables your hotel to centralize profile data directly into the sales automation CRM module as well as reservation and production data at the account level for reporting and BI.

Full account and opportunity lifecycle

Create any organizational account hierarchy to better understand account opportunities. Log client interactions, leads and activities for corporate accounts and travel agents.

Manage each step of the sales stage

Easily view and track all activities associated with your accounts. Track opportunities by sales stage and manage related quotes and contracts.

Send relevant and personalized communications

Create bespoke automatic, ad hoc and score-based sales campaigns targeting corporate clients and travel agents.

Business Intelligence

Build in-depth reports and take advantage of robust, easy-to-digest dashboards driven by Microsoft Power BI.

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