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Harmony Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution in preventing mobile attacks

Harmony Mobile is the market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution. It keeps your corporate data safe by securing employees’ mobile devices across all attack vectors: apps, files, network and OS. Designed to reduce admins’ overhead and increase user adoption, it perfectly fits into your existing mobile environment, deploys and scales quickly, and protects devices without impacting user experience nor privacy.


  • Complete Protection: Protect corporate data across all mobile attack surfaces
  • Simple Management: Scalable and easy-to-manage security for any type of mobile workforce
  • User Friendly: Quick user adoption with zero impact on user experience or privacy

  • Prevents malicious app downloads
  • Prevents access to phishing across all apps
  • Block access to malicious URLs
  • Block malicious file downloads

  • Prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • Blocks infected devices "not compliant" from accessing corporate apps and assets
  • Detects advanced jailbreaking and rooting techniques and OS exploits
  • OS CVE assessment for Mobile devices


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