Observation Deck for Executive Analytics


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A modern unified BI portal with collaboration features, enabling executives to be truly data-driven.

What is Observation Deck?

Observation Deck is a modern, interactive framework for executive analytics:

  • Built for large touch-screens and boardroom settings.
  • Centralised access to all your BI and analytics in one place, at your fingertips.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing technology stack and security.
  • Fully customisable solution, deployable at scale in your organisation.

Why Observation Deck?

Executives need accurate, up-to-date KPIs and data to make truly data-driven decisions in an agile manner.

Observation Deck delivers powerful business insights based on up-to-date data and analytics in a boardroom setting with large touchscreens and wallboards. It gives you a unified view of your business performance with a modern, collaborative, and interactive interface with OpenAI integration.

Observation Deck also builds on and leverages your existing investment in Microsoft Azure and Power BI, integrating seamlessly with your corporate BI platform, metadata, and security.

Now you can have an immersive, collaborative experience with a unified view of all your data and analytics – no more static report packs!

Key Features:

Unified Data & Analytics Portal: Unified portal for all your data and analytics, giving you a modern, intuitive data experience.

Powerful Visuals & Filtering: Fully embedded Power BI dashboards and proprietary custom visuals with granular filtering options to enrich your data stories.

KPI Focus: KPI-focused analytics to give you accurate, up-to-date insights on business performance.

Seamless Collaboration: Drive agile decision-making with your peers and team with highlighting & smart sharing capabilities integrated with Teams and Outlook.

Fully Customisable: No-code customisation with an easy-to-use admin panel, enabling you to create a custom look & feel and data experience with just a few simple clicks.

OpenAI Integration: Azure OpenAI integration through an advanced chatbot.

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