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Atlas HoverPoint: an engaging solution for frontline and information workers

HoverPoint provides visual, interactive guides for frontline workers to be keep them informed about critical information

For too long an organisation’s knowledge, if it’s captured at all, is wrapped up in long, tough-to-digest documents heavy on text and light on engagement. We all know a picture paints a thousand words, so why don’t we apply that?

Atlas HoverPoint is a powerful yet easy-to-use Atlas tool for creating interactive images in Microsoft 365. The solution is accessed via Teams and SharePoint platforms. HoverPoint makes learning and sharing knowledge so much simpler and more effective.

5 reasons to use Atlas and HoverPoint today

  • Mitigate health and safety risks by providing visual and interactive information to your workers. The QR code on the gate of a construction site entrance provides all the necessary information about the site via HoverPoint.

  • Enable self-service for quick answers to questions.

  • Keep information updated without needing to reprint material and reduce paper waste and printing costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Simplify the onboarding process for new workers and keep them engaged. Many small increases in productivity and retention have a significant impact on the bottom line.

  • Reduce errors and improve learning by providing the right information at the right time. A QR code on a piece of equipment links to a visual guide detailing the maintenance activities to be performed, keeping expensive machinery in top working order and minimising down time. 

What Atlas HoverPoint does

  • A simple user interface to create and edit, click and point, add your text and save. 
  • Hover with a mouse, click or tap to display rich text guides and links to further content (with video coming soon).  
  • Use icons to add visual cues to content (e.g; power, entry/exit points, hazards etc.) 
  • Embed within Atlas knowledge pages or MS Teams tabs. 
  • Optimised for mobile and other devices. 
  • Store as many images with as many HoverPoints as you need. 

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