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Billing platform for SaaS and Cloud products. Flexible & scalable, suitable for usage based billing.

CloudBilling: A billing solution for SaaS and Cloud products

CloudBilling offers billing software for usage or consumption based billing. We give you control, flexibility and insight. With our billing platform CloudBilling measures the purchases made, calculates what to invoice and transforms this into consolidated invoices. This lowers your operational costs and error sensitivity. You also offer your customers a clear, specified invoice. CloudBilling provides you extensive BI capabilities, valuable insights into customer behavior and product performance.

Importing, calculating, transforming & sending

Importing CloudBilling imports the consumption or usage, by connecting to your production platform(s). We do this with or standard integrations or well documented API. Calculating We calculate what needs to be invoiced by running the measured consumption through your pricing rules in CloudBilling. Transforming into invoices Then CloudBilling transforms this data into clear, consolidated invoices. We can make high level invoices or very detailed invoices zoomed in on individual products and services. Sending CloudBilling can send the invoices directly to your customers, or just export them for your own invoicing platform. We also offer various export options, for example for your financial system or General Ledger.

Extensive Business Intelligence capabilities

CloudBilling uses key data from your organization. Such as customer-, product-, price- and usage data. Aside from using this data for billing, CloudBilling transforms it into all kinds of valuable insights. Once your billing runs through CloudBilling you are able to analyze this data. We provide you with standard reports and dashboard widgets. It is also possible to analyze all your billing data within a real BI environment with CloudBilling Business Intelligence. This gives you insights on customer behaviour and product performance. It helps you to forecast, make strategical decisions and optimize your pricing methods & product proposition.

A future proof solution

CloudBilling is a future proof solution for your business. We are fully scalable and completely flexible to adjust pricing structures to the needs of market conditions. We professionalize your billing process. By shorting labor-intensive administration & billing processes drastically. This reduces monthly closures from sometimes weeks into a day.

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