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Cloud-based contact center service, powered by Collab and hosted in Microsoft Azure´s public cloud.

A cloud-based contact center service, powered by Collab and hosted in Microsoft Azure´s public cloud. An omnichannel web portal that integrates voice, video, e-mail, social media and chat (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype) in a single platform. Its intuitive interface and easy deployment – no coding skills required – makes it the perfect match for companies of every size. A turnkey solution that can be delivered to different business models. It’s tailored to each company needs and you only pay for what you use. You can scale it up or down, quickly and effortlessly, by adding or removing the different modules available:  OneContact CC: A 360º contact center management platform that combines multiple communication channels.  Cloud PBX: A VoIP business solution that enables an integrated management of physical, mobile and convergent extensions:  OneContact WFO: A management tool that aims to optimize contact center operations Manage efficiently and predict with accuracy timetables, shifts, service levels, KPIs, business rules definition, monitor and access reports in real time.  Recording & Quality Monitoring: A tool to monitor the contact center quality level, ideal to evaluate and improve agent performance while meeting company goals.  Speech Analytics: This technology examines calls and assesses both the agent and customer’s tone; it transcripts voice into text to extract relevant information  OneContact Flows: Integrated environment that allows the creation of flows of intents and entities, within a traditional IVR system, with chat or vocal Bot assistance.  Gamification: A disruptive approach that challenges employees in their daily job through a series of interactive gaming experiences aiming to boost motivation, improve performance and skills while meeting company goals;

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