AP Automation with Tally using AI And RPA

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Accounts Payable Automation

We all know that accounts payable (AP) departments face significant challenges. These challenges are a particular issue for departments that still process most invoices manually. 

Compusoft offers highly adaptable AI enabled Accounts Payable Automation Platform to fit your company’s exact needs. With Power Automate, you can not only eliminate current frustration through automation but having the best processes in place can skyrocket your potential for growth and give your organization an incredible competitive advantage.

Our Accounts Payable solution enables companies to touchless process supplier invoices without any human intervention by providing a digital workflow to manage steps previously handled by an AP staff member.

How Our AP Automation Solution Works ?
Power Automate RPA captures all the required information from scanning, reading from emails, importing e-files or from excel and input it to the system.

RPA then sorts & understands invoice using AI and then able to read data such as Date, Invoice Numbers, Amounts, Vendor, etc. with OCR tech capabilities.

RPA then extracts data from Digital documents and properly formats it for the AP System. Also, the collected data gets stored for the future references.

The data then reviewed by the Power Automate’s AI builder capabilities and then sets it in a proper workflow.

Invoice data will get stored in ERP and the AI BOT will send push notifications for approval.

Once invoice gets approved, the notification for payment will be sent.

Real-time process interaction giving finance managers views into processes and tools to take required actions for performance optimization.

Estimated Cost is based on scope of work.

So are you ready to take control over invoice and bill processing infused with intelligent AI and actionable Accounts Payable Automation Solution.

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