Compliance Call Recordiing

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Securely capture and analyze conversations, to mitigate compliance risk

Recordia® is a software platform that enables secure recording and safekeeping of interactions to comply with regulatory requirements.

  1. Automatic recording.
  2. Search and instant replay of conversations within our intuitive interface.
  3. Capture call recordings from a variety of sources, including browsers, mobile devices, PBXs, hosted voice applications and other legacy recording devices.
  4. Manages recordings in a secure permission-based environment and complies with international data protection standards.
  5. It allows the complete reconstruction or elimination of communications in case they are required by court or audit.
  6. Customizable safekeeping of recordings adapted to different international standards
  7. Integrates with the most requested telephony and PBX solutions in the market.

Seize the potential of the Call Recording with Recordia® AI Technology

We record and analyze data to detect critical compliance issues.

    • Integrated yet fully customizable policies to comply with all financial regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II.
    • Automated detection of sensitive data for the protection of confidential information, such as credit card data.
    • Automated call categorization for compliance control on the interactions that need it.
    • Automatic alerts in case of compliance violations.
    • Customizable dashboards that provide reports on critical KPIs.

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