Food Transparency Blockchain

<p>This application is only available in French</p>
<p>Traceability   today   exists   in   fragmented   silos   amongst   the   various   actors   in   the   food   chain. Our platform allows clients to connect batches of raw, semi-finished and finished products together in order to have a holistic view of a product’s journey in real time.</p>
<p>Beyond traceability, our platform also offers an exclusive innovation, capable of digitally auditing the quality of food products 24 hours a day. Clients are alerted immediately if a batch is not compliant with the product specifications.</p>
<p>A QR code can be applied on the final product to enable consumers to check if the promises made by the brands are respected. Thanks to the batch number, they can check for example harvesting &amp; processing dates, and the results of the audit, for each batch.</p>
<p>Connecting Food platform adresses both upstream actors, process industry, brands and retailers. Connecting Food has a specific value proposition for each user :</p>
<p>Quality : Receive real time alerts if products are non-compliant. Improve quality, reduce waste.</p>
<p>Logistics : Know where the products are in the supply chain at all times. Easily recall a non-compliant batch.</p>
<p>Commercial : Stand out from the competition by providing B2B customers with traceability &amp; quality audits already recorded on blockchain.</p>
<p>Marketing : Create value for brands, prove promises to consumers. Position the brand as an innovative and transparent company.</p>

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