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Universal IoT platform for building business solutions

It includes ready-to-use communication interfaces for devices and sensors, a powerful data management and analysis platform, and a customer application. With Nexo, you can build new services quickly and gain a competitive advantage.
As an example of Nexo use case :
Token-based behavioral demand response - Dynamic tariff
Goals :
Obtain points when providing flexibility (device level).

01. Utility Level - Operator control panel

• Operators can visualize the potential flexibility based on the information collected from the user’s devices.
• Operator defines the reward points and creates flexibility events (in the future)
• Operator monitors the events and measures the flexibility achieved

02. Connected home – Define threshold per smart home device

• Users assigned devices to the flexibility program to receive rewards (bonus points).
• Users can see the percentage of green energy GEI in real-time and create routines to match their consumption to the percentage of green energy

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