- Modern BI, ML & AI for SaaS Applications

pateikė Convergytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - The BI, AI and ML platform of choice for 100s of SaaS based applications is a one of its kind BI platform for SaaS based solutions that do not have its own rich, intuitive and interactive dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities built-in. Instead of spending weeks importing the data into your current BI platform and working with your IT teams to build BI dashboards, use's pre-built BI solutions to get your dashboards up in minutes. No hassles of getting separate licenses allocated from your IT teams too since leverages its own licenses and offers a pay-as-you-go model as well. users need to register on and select the SaaS platform they would like to setup first. Once that selection is made, the user enters relevant credentials (e.g. Domain Name and API Key to identify and access the data on the SaaS platform) and does the rest. It extracts the data, transforms it into relevant structure, calculates relevant additional metrics and prepares the data for its dashboards. These dashboards are built by industry experts with over 100s of years of experience working with clients similar to you and hence are going to address your primary needs. also has an option where additional custom dashboards can be built and added at an extra cost. is now live for Freshworks applications and also has a forecasting module built into it for forecasting any key metric. In upcoming releases, dozens of other SaaS applications will be added so that whatever your SaaS application, you'll have a BI solution up in minutes instead of weeks.

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