Creitive Ventures

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Product team, incubator, accelerator and ecosystem enabler rolled into one​.

You can think of us as an incubator, VC, and product development partner rolled into one. From building ideas to maximum lovable product, we're by your side for the whole journey, smoothing out any bumps along the way.

It’s like having ‘A’ players as co-founders from the get-go.​

Imagine if idea-stage founders had access to everything they need from day one: a product team, funding, advisors, mentors, corporate connections, government connections.

Creitive Ventures will provide all relevant know-how and execution at every step of the way of the startup life-cycle.

Through a cleverly designed approach we serve as a partner to our portfolio ventures, from inception to launch and beyond to deliver winning value propositions.

Our team is international, interdisciplinary and agile allowing us to be the cross-functional catalyst to move things forward. To us, creating long-term impact through digital products requires more than cutting-edge technology.

1) Startup team from day one ​

We support entrepreneurs and large organizations in validating ideas and preparing them for a high-fidelity MVP.​

2) Preparing for growth​

Together with the entrepreneurs (internal or external) we optimise the MVP, identify and track metrics that matter, secure a POC funding (internal or external) and commence a GTM strategy. ​

3) Growing together​

With all the lessons learned from the first two phases we push hard on growth metrics and partnerships, and recruit for key positions to prepare for the next stage of growth.​

Our Value Proposition

Idea validation from the best-in-class industry experts
01 Validating, designing, developing, testing, and launching digital products from zero-to-hero​
02 Engaging with the biggest technology partners during the process
03 Serving as a CTO and CPO for year one
04 Assisting with hiring a full-time CTO, CPO, and design/ development teams after year one
05 Engaging with our pool of customers and early-stage investors

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