Road User Charging

pateikė Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic delivers tolling innovation that keeps people and businesses moving.

The Cubic Road User Charging back office solution is designed for multi-agency use while giving each entity control over its own business rules, revenue apportionment, and general ledger. It lays a solid foundation for account-based payment processing and customer services across entire states or multi-state regions for any number of agencies or types of operators.

Our applications give agencies a road user charging back office developed from the ground up for enhancing operations, customer services, and financial security management.

Our system embeds specific deployment requirements within business processes rather than compiled code, resulting in faster, low-cost deployments. Agencies benefit from a customizable high-quality platform with the flexibility to make rapid changes. In addition, the system can easily scale and adjust to add new roads, plazas and agencies, including fully supporting multi-authority and multimodal transportation.

Our platform, the Cubic Road User Charging Back Office, is built around an enterprise-class database design to retain the highest levels of performance at all transaction volumes and system loads. Its highly secure architecture provides Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for payment transactions. Through our data provenance approach, a wide variety of users can quickly identify issues with data flow without requiring specialized support.

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