Urban Revenue Management

pateikė Cubic Transportation Systems

Enterprise revenue management solutions that are designed for flexibility and reliability.

Our revenue management solutions are future-ready and easily scalable, including individual card-based, account-based, or open payment "pay as you go" options - or a combination of two or all three. Our systems address the accessibility and equity concerns of all the communications your agency serves, focusing on simplified and seamless travel choices.

Urban Mobility Back Office: With the growth of multimodal travel, the performance of an intelligent urban transportation system depends on the seamless integration of diverse components. At Cubic, we accomplish this with our Urban Mobility Back Office, an open architecture revenue management system that allows our customers to manage complex, multimodal transportation networks while offering travelers a single account to manage all their travel needs.

Each solution is flexible to support evolving payment technologies while allowing transportation operators to choose from a mix of products and services that reduce operational costs. Additionally, each system accommodates the growing demand for integration with third-party service providers.

Account-Based: We developed account-based system architecture to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies and the demand for multimodal integration. Instead of storing information on the travelers smart card, account-based systems move the intelligence formerly stored on fare devices in the field to the back office, along with fare policy, products and pricing. This makes it easier for agencies to manage changes and provides greater security and convenience for customers by being able to manage their account online.

Open Payment / EMV: We launched our first open payment “pay as you go across London extensive transit network, beginning with buses in 2012 and rolling out across the rail systems in 2014. It's a model offering travelers the option to use their existing contactless bankcard whether physical or on their smartphone and helps agencies better service infrequent travelers, such as tourists or occasional transit users. Our systems support EMV chip technology, the global standard for bankcards.

Data Analytics Our data-driven systems ensure data security, accuracy and integrity. This gives agencies maximum value from their data through more efficient planning, insight into optimizing operations, and a better understanding of how their customers use the system. The data talks when it comes to creating a great customer experience – and one that can be repeated day after day. Service and support that sets the industry standard At Cubic, our technical expertise helps position your travel network for optimum performance and efficiency, and it is our industry-leading customer service that helps you sustain those efforts, while addressing your challenges. Our relentless commitment to delivering best-in-class service extends to every relationship, and can be tailored to meet each agency's requirements.

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