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Integrated telecom billing solution for Teams and other voice & data platforms.

Hey MSPs, already selling or thinking of selling VoIP?
Datagate allows you to bill telecom services optimally, at minimal time and cost, by integrating with software that’s important to MSPs, including ConnectWise Manage, and popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero. 

Is your current billing solution complicated, expensive, and still leaving you spending hours invoicing every month?
Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, quick, profitable, and compliant, in a single SaaS package. Eliminate re-keying, automate rating and simplify the billing of all telecommunications services – including unified communications, VoIP, tolls, cellular, data plans, and other usage-based and subscription services.

Complicated Taxes and Compliance holding you back?
Datagate integrates with the best telecom tax engines making compliance in the USA and around the world a piece of cake! Tax engine integrations: Avalara, CCH SureTax and Compliance Solutions

Simplicity and Flexibility
Aggregate CDRs from multiple providers and offer virtually any style of telecom plan to your customers. Our simple and modern UI enables you to bill with confidence under your own brand. 

Built on Azure, perfect for Microsoft Teams
Datagate is scalable to meet the billing requirements of most MSPs, regardless of location and size of business. Sell Microsoft Teams VoIP services with ease!

Business benefits

  • Own & control your own telecoms business
  • Be the single source ICT provider to your customers
  • Bundle multiple services onto a single invoice
  • Datagate self-service customer portal reduces admin workload
  • Easily comply with complicated tax compliance requirements

"Datagate has enabled us to optimize our telecommunications billing process for maximum efficiency, while improving the customer experience." - Eric Wakkuri | President, DS Tech [Read More]

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