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Generate and send branded, hyper-personalized, and accurate digital sales proposals.

Get to closed-won faster by generating and sending branded, hyper-personalized, and accurate digital sales proposals in minutes. Remove any buyer friction by keeping all relevant proposal information and capabilities, including price quotes, contracts, and eSignature, all in one digital location.

DealHub’s innovative DealRoom also provides real-time notifications about buyer engagement so sales teams can identify all relevant stakeholders, reveal buyer intent, and know exactly when to follow up.

According to DealHub’s data lab, an organization’s win rate increases by 3x when sales teams share proposals via a DealRoom instead of traditional documents like PDFs and Word files. This is based on more than 193,00 deals – accounting for $25 billion in revenue – that passed through the DealHub platform.

Learn how to create accurate sales proposals in minutes today. Let us show you how!

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