Dtryx CMS (Cinema Management System)

pateikė Dtryx Inc.

Dtryx CMS is a management system for Cinemas

Dtryx’s CMS integrates all the elements of its internal operations management, including screening, sales, and inventory, from POS, Kiosk, IDS and various Online Channel (Web and Mobile) as contacts that meet customers.

Product Lineup

- Point of Sales
- Kiosk
- IDS (Signage)
- Web & Mobile Ticketing
- Back office

Company Introduction

Dtryx Inc. was founded by experts who have been operating large theater franchises in Korea for a long time.

All Dtryx members have at least ten years of experience in this area and all the skills and know-how required to establish theaters and do the operating and marketing.

We are doing our best to develop and deliver the world's most advanced Cinema Management System, and to provide a bright future vision to the customers all around the world.

The Dtryx will provide a highly efficient system and the best advice on setting up and operating an optimal Cinemas, making it a shining presence in the increasingly difficult Cinema business.

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