Napier Remote Patient Management (RPM)

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Napier RPM

Napier Remote Patient Management (RPM) is a unified web-based platform that enables the care-providers to remotely monitor the health of the patients with the Tele-health services. The health data collected through patient's app from a connected devices that's transferred to the monitoring staff to manage the health condition. 

It also allows the health data to be collected by the healthcare facility for monitoring purposes through the patient's connected devices. A complete telehealth and chronic disease management solution to remotely monitor health condition to augment conventional clinical settings.

All-In-One remote care management solution for:
1. Centre Based - Remote Patient Management allows nurses to monitor and collect vital signs through connected devices enabling nursing homes to deliver timely care.
2. Home Based - RPM improves effectiveness of home visits through automated vitals collection and tele-health to monitor patients in between visits.
3. Insurance - RPM with its population health management capabilities can help reduce risks, claim ratios, retain members and promote proactive disease management.

Telehealth Platform Features

Napier RPM is a unified web-based platform for extending healthcare beyond conventional clinical settings to Care Anywhere©. It enables care providers to remotely manage the health condition of their patients at home or anywhere else supported by Telehealth services:
1. Interactive Dashboards - Role-based user centric dashboards designed for usable interaction
2. Tele-consultation - Allow doctors/nurses to remotely consult users when necessary
3. Care Management - Completely configurable care plans for diverse groups of users
4. Panic Alerts - Residents in aged care settings can alert and seek help with panic button
5. Assessments - Configurable questionnaire; analyze the patient’s condition using the scoring system
6. Calendars And Scheduling  - Healthcare providers can schedule activities and upcoming tasks for patients and set those as reminders

How It Works?

1. Long-Term Care - Continuous monitoring and assessment of chronic conditions of the residents and helps care-providers to recognize and respond on complications associated with chronic diseases.
2. Acute Post Discharge Care - Extended healthcare services at patients home with a personalized care-plans leads to better health outcomes and increased patients retention.
3. Population Health Management - Risk stratification of the population enrolled with reports and analysis of the large population health data.

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