eGain Knowledge Hub™ for Microsoft SharePoint Online

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eGain Knowledge Hub™, the top-rated, analyst awarded AI knowledge platform for customer service

Pre-integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, the eGain Knowledge Hub™ for Microsoft SharePoint proactively delivers trusted answers and personalized guidance to agents in the flow of customer conversation by finding the answer needle in SharePoint’s document haystack. It is powered by AssistGPT™, a novel capability that automates knowledge management tasks while ensuring business controls and compliance.

Key features

Pre-integrated with SharePoint

eGain's pre-built connector to SharePoint and migration tools enables knowledge managers to federate or migrate content from SharePoint to the eGain Knowledge Hub. Administrators can use the intuitive setup screens to configure the connector in minutes.

Gen AI-assisted content management

Effective knowledge management starts with quality content. The Knowledge Hub makes content creation and curation a snap with AssistGPT generative AI capability, an easy-to-use authoring console, and flexible editorial workflows that ensure consistency, quality, and speed. Extensive reporting and management features enable continuous improvement of knowledge content and AI guidance.

Personalized knowledge

Tenured agents are more knowledgeable than novice agents. Accordingly, they need less step-by-step guidance. eGain Knowledge Hub personalizes content and guidance that is tailored to the interaction context, agent’s role and experience level, region and language. Multiskilled agents can have multiple profiles and easily switch between them. Relevant, trusted knowledge can also be exposed to end-customers for self-service.

Virtual Assistance for agents

Virtual Assistant for Agents continuously monitors customer conversations to provide contextual proactive AI knowledge guidance to solve issues consistently. Bot Mode, where an agent hands over the conversation to the virtual assistant, enables the agent to automate the process legs of a conversation.

Easy knowledge access: instant answers, guided, federated, and faceted search

Powered by ML, generative and conversational AI, trusted content, and analytics, the solution offers multiple ways to quickly find answers to customer queries, including instant answers, powered by Generative AI, guided search, federated search through pre-built connectors, and faceted search, and conversational AI guidance for problem resolution and product advice.

With one query, agents can access the content in SharePoint Online sites and knowledge stored in eGain Knowledge Hub™, reaching the relevant knowledge with fewer clicks and reducing window switching. Agents do not need to navigate to different SharePoint repositories to access the content they are looking for.

Multilingual scalable platform

Authors can create, curate, and manage rich multilingual content. The Knowledge Hub supports localized interfaces in multiple languages and scales to handle several thousand concurrent agents in a distributed configuration.

Embedded best practices

The solution benefits from all the best practices developed during successful knowledge management implementations for more than 300 leading enterprises across the globe. It has helped hundreds of companies save millions of dollars while cultivating increasingly happy customers.

Key benefits

Cut agent training time by up to 50%. Boost FCR up to 37%, NPS up to 30 points

84% of agents hate their desktop tools (Gartner) and 65% of agents say finding answers to customer queries is their biggest issue (eGain-SurveyMonkey). eGain Knowledge Hub guides agents to fast, accurate answers and through process steps, boosting CX, AX (agent experience), and operational metrics.

Deflect agent-assisted service requests by up to 60%

eGain Knowledge Hub helps deliver hyper-relevant self-service across omnichannel touchpoints. Consumers on the IVR and those requesting assisted service through digital channels can be sent a link to hyper-relevant self-service, resulting in up to 60% deflection of requests for agent-assisted service.

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