eGain Knowledge Hub™ for Microsoft SharePoint Online

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eGain Knowledge Hub™ brings together SharePoint content and native knowledge base answers

eGain Knowledge Hub™ provides a comprehensive way to unify knowledge across sources and serve the same high-quality knowledge at every customer touchpoint. Through this integration with SharePoint Online, it unlocks and surfaces the existing SharePoint Online content for agents.

Contact center agents using eGain Knowledge Hub™ can quickly resolve a broad range of customer queries using the content stored in SharePoint Online (also known as Office 365 and Microsoft 365) and the knowledge stored in eGain Knowledge Hub™. They can preview the SharePoint Online content available as part of the federated search results. This integration allows organizations to use the existing content in SharePoint Online repositories and make it available easily to the contact center agents.


1. Pre-built SharePoint Online connector to connect your SharePoint Online sites with eGain Knowledge Hub™ application. No coding is required by administrators to setup and configure this integration.

2. With one query, agents can access the content in SharePoint Online sites and knowledge stored in eGain Knowledge Hub™, reaching the relevant knowledge with fewer clicks and reducing window switching. Agents do not need to navigate to different SharePoint repositories to access the content they are looking for.


1. Allows agents and customers to search SharePoint Online content along with knowledge in eGain Knowledge Hub™ in one query.

2. Federated search results show a preview of the SharePoint Online document along with the document type.

3. Administrators can use the intuitive setup screens to configure the connector in minutes.

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