ESG Data by Sustainability Studio

pateikė Elastacloud Limited

Transparent ESG Scoring, Climate Risk Analytics and Workflows, delivered by API or Web Access

Leveraging semi-automated AI driven processes, via Azure Cognitive Search and Cognitive Services, Sustainability Studio mines a range of public domain structured and unstructured data, such as Sustainability reports, annual financial reports, environmental data, news and social media feeds. Increasingly we also incorporate alternative, complex data sources including Satellite and Microsoft Planetary Computer data to provide advanced analytics, adding scientific fact to public data.
Users from all aspects of the Asset Management ecosystem, from Analysts and Researchers to Portfolio Managers or Quants will benefit from the scoring, methodology and raw data that we provide. Outside of Asset Management, Wealth Advisors or Family offices will also find value in layering ESG criteria over the client mandates that they manage.
From a corporate point of view, Corporate Sustainability Offices can leverage our work to highlight areas for improved reporting (missing data), benchmark against competitors and the wider industry and provide tables and visualisations for reporting. Using these tools they can gain insights into how the Market sees their business.

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