AssessHub Skills Assessment

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We offer a full suite of features and tools to help you make the right hiring decision, every time

Predict performance before you make a hiring decision
Job-Specific Assessments: Accurately evaluate sales, customer service, and support candidates with industry-specific challenges, and identify the best fit for the job in real time.

Assessment Science

Experience the power of I/O psychology to make data driven talent decision

Truly Customized

Function-specific, industry-specific tests customized for each role and a level

Predictive Hiring

Closed-loop machine learning based success profiling on internal and industry dataset

Functional Skills

Leave the skills assessment checks and follow-ups to the bot & focus on just the results

Industry Standard

Compare your candidates with 1 million+ datasets in customer-facing roles

Well rounded Tests

Measure functional, cognitive, soft skills & behavioral competencies via a single test

Ai tools

Intelligent, human-like scoring helps you assess fitment without being involved

Bot Powered

Leave assessment checks and follow-ups to SuperBot and focus on core recruitment

Reports & insights

Make talent decisions like a veteran with simple and easy-to-read reports

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