Design your own machine learning model

pateikė Emerge ML

Get a super accurate machine learning model to solve your biggest business problem in a few hours

Emerge is built on the idea that the “solutions to the world’s biggest problems lie in data”. And by extension the solutions to your company’s biggest problems lie in data as well. Even though there are mountains of data available to you to solve these problems, very little of that data is effectively used. Our design-your-own-machine-learning-model solution allows you to identify your biggest strategic objectives and to use machine learning to solve these problems. Using our proprietary software, a very accurate machine learning model, can be customised and operationalised in just a few hours with your data to solve your business problem. We have developed and integrated our solution in the Microsoft Azure environment allowing us to run the models in either our tenant or yours. Included in our SaaS offering is ongoing support and maintenance of the model. To date, we have built solutions for various industries including education, manufacturing, telecoms, entertainment, healthcare, but have a primary focus on insurance and banking. For banks and insurance companies, we have built solutions for use cases across the entire customer value chain including cross-sell, credit, underwriting, pricing, fraud, collections, usage increase and retention. Case studies include increasing sales conversion rates by 350%, reducing cancellation rates by 50% and avoiding the need to hire an additional 20 fraud investigators. Even though it is possible to achieve results like these, we know that even a small improvement (of say 10%) in sales, retention, staff expenses and risk can have a massive impact on overall profitabilty, in some cases even doubling annual profits. We have experienced that sales, customer service, fraud and collections business owners are most excited about the solutions we can build. Contact us for a free no obligations discussion about solving your business’s biggest problems at

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