Intelligent Data Platform

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A scalable, cost-effective, self-service analytics solution to support greater customer insights

Solution Overview
The EY Intelligent Data Platform is a scalable, intelligent data platform that can optimize data in real-time, generate rapid insights, enhance decisioning and deliver greater business value. The solution offers a robust data and analytics architecture to support organizations in areas such as data analysis, AI, risk management, regulatory reporting, customer engagement, data assurance and governance.
Powered by innovative Microsoft technologies, the EY Intelligent Data Platform uses leading reference architecture and a centralized single code base with pre-coded templates. This block design supports modular delivery and enables features to be deployed in hours or days instead of weeks. The platform helps companies easily scale with specialized data stores and cloud based processing that fit the individual use cases. It also features a high level of security with encryption, identity management, and data-zone segregation that follows Microsoft Core Infrastructure Suite (CIS) standards. This includes Microsoft and CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft Azure. Cloud features and automated processes support resilience and disaster recovery while on-demand and automatic testing facilitates continuous integration. 
EY Intelligent Data Platform meets the needs of any organization, offering agile ways of working with DevOps automation, continuous delivery, and an existing reference architecture. 

Solution Benefits
The EY Intelligent Data Platform offers easy, self-service capabilities and enables organizations to leverage the power of intelligent data. 
  • Features a flexible, self-service analytics layer with choice of environments and tools to support reporting, analytics and AI 
  • Delivers real-time analytics, notifications and event processing 
  • Automates access controls in a scalable, cost-effective data layer 
  • Visualizes data and models in reports and dashboards 
  • Offers a customizable portal for data operations and governance 
  • Deploys analytics models quickly and easily through APIs
  • Catalogues and classifies data to support regulatory demands

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