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Improve the dealer's approach to customers

Solution Overview
A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to address the needs of car dealerships. The solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and helps to better utilize the sales potential with current customers and contact with potential customers.
  • Connects all business areas at car dealerships – sales, service, spare parts & accessories and car rental - Lead2car provides a complex overview of your customers and all their interactions with the dealership. This supports the salespeople to customize further offers to match the preferences of individual customers. 
  • Enhances customer services for existing clients and develops long-term relationships - Lead2car helps to identify suitable opportunities to communicate with existing customers, allowing the set up of regular monitoring and relevant communication with each customer.
  • Reduces administrative work of dealers - Lead2car has a simple, understandable, user-friendly and practical interface for employees who work with it on a daily basis.
  • Allows standardization of the sales process with a customization possibility - Lead2car covers all aspects of customer processes that every car dealer uses. Simultaneously, lead2car covers the option of customization based on the specific needs of each dealership

Solution Benefits
  • Solution tailored to the car dealership’s needs - The system is made to fit the operating conditions of car dealerships. Its processes have been defined by industry experts, not IT specialists sitting at a desk like with most other solutions on the market.
  • Simple work environment for each employee - Every employee can easily track the key metrics of his or her work. This allows quick adjustments of daily operations, simplifies prioritization of activities and reduces error rates.
  • Automatization of creating and tracking tasks - Automatic planning and reminder of crucial activities related to the sales processes. Easy review of task completion for managers.
  • Support of different devices and integration with Microsoft office products - Our solution can be used on a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. It can be easily integrated with the most frequently used tools of MS Office or 365. The solution does not require any additional hardware – it runs simply on the dealer‘s current computer. Data is stored on a cloud and is safe from loss or misuse.
  • Expansion capabilities based on artificial intelligence and the internet of things -Lead2car can be expanded with additional modules using the latest technology such as face recognition, number plate recognition, showroom heatmaps and customer scoring.

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