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ADseQure consolidates MFA policy management into Active directory’s native management tool

Deploying an MFA strategy requires a lot of planning and in many cases, a full deployment becomes a challenge as integration with the multiple environments in place only increases the footprint and the management overload. The success of such deployment is highly dependent on the ability to cover all the threats landscape that are present in every system access remotely. Legacy systems not only create a technology debt but also a security debt which organization are often left carrying the risk as a long term burden.

ADseQure provides the solution where it will enable an overall protection of all AD integrated system regardless of their uptodatedness , their operating system or location. From the workstation to the servers, enforcement of MFA no longer has barriers and can reduce significantly the threat landscape and risk exposure for organizations.

Policies are applied regardless of the system or application. Strong authentication is required and applied within the normal AD authentication process. Protect windows desktops, windows servers and Linux systems or any AD integrated system without installing any software. ADseQure has the lowest footprint in deploying an MFA strategy.A very good example can be found in the retail industries that are subject to PCI compliancy but are forced to keep legacy system in mission critical functions.

Many of these retail companies are exploring the move to the cloud and offloading a lot of their infrastructure to Azure and ADseQure helps them move through this transformation securely protecting both their on premise system and their connected Azure infrastructure

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