Footprints AI for Retail Media Networks

pateikė Footprints for Retail

3 months to data-driven profits: Launch your retail media platform now.

Footprints is one of the most advanced AI-Native Retail Media platforms. It uniquely uses customer behavioral data from physical stores to power profits and growth for existing Retail Media Networks or to help retailers launch their Omnichannel Retail Media Network in 3 months instead of 3 years.

  • Generate High-Profit Revenue: New stream from Retail Media or boost current media offering.
  • Fast Launch: Omnichannel Retail Media in 3 months, not 3 years.
  • Connect The Dots: faster time-to-money, minimize implementation costs.
  • Improve Efficiency: 5-8x better retail media performance of your own media investment.
  • Know Customers: better know your customers beyond transactions and in-app registrations.
  • Expand Profitably: discover your next most profitable geographies & communities to engage with.

Our Retail Media platform uses in-store customer intention data to predict and influence physical retail sales more profitably.

Our data & AI technology understands, predicts, and influences the complete path to purchase of customers in the physical retail environment. This is done through indoor positioning, predictive models, and omnichannel targeting. The result is that brands can target media audiences based on their predicted physical shopping behavior and different stages of their purchasing journey.

How Footprints AI Works

Step 1: Indoor Shopping Behavioral Profiling:

  • Footprints AI collects customer behavior data from indoor shopping environments using ambient connectivity and mobile sensors.
  • The collected data is processed using machine learning algorithms and building information mapping to generate indoor paths.
  • The algorithms also create affinity profiling, behavioral clusters, and predictions for individual shoppers.

Step 2: Online Behavioral Profiling: Footprints AI collects user identity and profiling data from all digital channels to create a comprehensive 360-degree shopper profile view.

Step 3: Offline-to-Online Fusion: Footprints AI's proprietary AI technology combines offline and online customer data to create a comprehensive view of customer behavior.

Step 4: Monetization: Retailers can monetize their offline-to-online customer data through retail media.

Step 5: Prediction and Targeting: Retailers can use Footprints AI to predict, target, and sell based on customer behavior, both online and in-store.

Footprints AI Enables Retailers to tap into Retail Media:

  • Launch their Retail Media Network with lower costs, faster time to market and increased profits, giving our customers a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Generate 10x more profits from retail media, fully scalable and 10x faster.
  • Significantly improve the efficiency of their retail media offering towards retail brands and media agencies.
  • Know who all their customers are, beyond the 15% that registers their data into apps and loyalty programs, and programmatically discover new communities where to expand.

Footprints AI Enables Retail Brands to increase ROAS from Retail Media:

  • Improved customer acquisition costs with up to 50%.
  • Driving 5x-8x more efficiency with close-loop ads and just before shopping ad campaigns with short term results and attribution of ad-driven sales.
  • Increase in-store sales with short term ROAS results.

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