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Truyo™, Powered by Intel®

Truyo, Powered by Intel®. Privacy Rights. Automated.

Whether GDPR, CCPA or other upcoming privacy regulations, there’s a better way to efficiently fulfill subject access requests (SARs), manage consent preferences, and deliver data privacy rights throughout the enterprise.

Learn how you can enable end users to exercise their data privacy rights without overburdening your workforce or your budgets.

Near-term compliance with long-term performance

Whether your company is getting thousands of SARs per week or only a few, Truyo allows any company to implement the basic automation platform within a couple of weeks, providing an immediate solution to individual rights compliance. But the power of the system is when you add automation over time, eliminating up to 95% of the operational overhead associated with rights management.

Ideal Solution for CISOs, DPOs and Privacy Professionals

Most privacy departments are small, but the overhead created by Access Requests can quickly overwhelm multiple departments, including IT and Marketing. Truyo is ideal for privacy professionals who want to alleviate the process of validating users, searching for user data, and deleting or anonymizing data across potentially hundreds of back-end systems like CRMs, ERPs, HR and Marketing databases.

Solution Includes:

Customized User Portal to secure data transfer and to structure requests
Identity Validation to help ensure users are who they say they are Dashboard and Workflow Management to manage and monitor requests
Data Collection Engine to centralize data and automatically find, extract and present it
Data Change Engine to delete, edit or anonymize records across back-end systems
Consent Management to record and display consent history in one place
Reporting & Audit Trail for comprehensive logging, reporting and auditability

Privacy compliance does not have to be hard

Discover how Truyo can support your business with enterprise privacy compliance automation.

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