Enables the conversion of lengthy Regulatory & Policy documents to simple clauses.

Policy Builder enables the conversion of unstructured regulatory & policy documents into actionable structured format that your staff can easily understand.

The output of Policy Builder is used in the process maps of BluePrint & in Ops Analyzer.

The regulations / circulars published by the central Bank of a Country is usually industry specific and runs into hundreds of pages.

It is quite a tedious and time-consuming task for employees to go through the entire circular to find the few clauses which is necessary for their job role.

GIEOM Policy Builder helps you extract the relevant clauses from the Central bank circulars /policy documents and modify it in simple words so that the policies are easily understood by all the employees.

If there are any changes in the policies, the concerned employees will be notified about the changes.

The tool maintains its link to the original policy documents and source text so that the organization is always Audit ready.

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