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What is a Rapid Assessment Estimate? Regardless of your organization’s current state associate with cloud (aka. consumption) services, GreenPages offers numerous comparison services. Making a good decision regarding cloud spend is important to your organization. By evaluating multiple “what-if” consumption scenarios, that are respectful of performance, quality and security, GreenPages provides guidance that has been validated by hundreds of customers.

Why a GreenPages Rapid Assessment verses other tools? Primarily our Rapid Assessments are non-invasive, agnostic, free, require little effort on your part, and are based on “known” data that provides an impartial analysis of your requirements.

What plans do we assess? All available cloud plans, that can go by different names, but primarily fall into the following categories.
• Enterprise Agreements
• Customer Service Agreements
• Special Pricing Agreements
• On Demand Agreements
• Cloud Solution Provider Agreements

What attributes do we measure? We assess all financial attributes associated with cloud plans. These attributes always include discounts and commitment levels.
• Baseline Plan Discounts by Resource (Instances & Licenses)
• Duration Commitments (Day, Month, 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year)
• Monetary Commitment (Minimum spend amounts to qualify for a discount)
• Region and Reservation Savings Opportunities
• True down features and frequency
• Cost of money, credit card vs net terms
• Cancellation penalties and breakeven

What questions do we have? We have basic discovery questions that will ensure the estimates we generate matchs the direction of your organization's journey to the cloud, or specific project.
• Journey | What are your current plans for migration to or from the cloud?
• States | What is your current, future and preferred technology states?
• BANT | What is your current budget, authority, need and timing for change?
• Forecast | Are there business related trends affecting the amount of technology needed?
• Plans | Are there preferences of stakeholders for commitments?
• Strategy | Have you identified one of the fundamental R's associated with cloud?
• Support | What is the current support for the environment?

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