AssetTracker Pro SaaS


Asset Tracker Pro is a mobile-focused asset tracking system built natively for the cloud.

Auditing at Scale with Flexible configurations

Our customers are saving hours of administration by digitising their workflows and normalising their data into standard formats in one secure location. Gone are the days of shuffling through pieces of paper or Excel sheets to find your data, ATP logs it all and improves your efficiency by organising your data into auto trails, reports and much more.
Our asset & auditing framework offers a cloud, on-prem, or hybrid platform to share your asset data across multiple devices and locations, with zero-sync ability to keep everyone up to date.
ATP can be deployed to different market types, including but not limited to; healthcare, hospitality, motor factors, asset and facilities management, internal department data capture, cross-site tracking of assets and people, and much more!
Your employees can carry ATP in their pockets making their auditing workflow hassle free. Simply open the app on your phone (or tablet), tap the workflow needed to capture the data, fill out the required fields, tap done, and your data is securely stored and synced with our cloud servers, instantly making the data available for reporting to your in-house management team.

ATP covers many different types of asset management:

  • Asset, Inventory & Stock Management
  • Workflow, Process, & Task Management
  • Asset, Workflow, Task & Time Management
  • Asset & Workflow Tracking
  • Asset & Workflow grouping
  • Customised reporting & data analysis

Key points ATP can help you with:

  • Scan UDI compliant labels to ensure MDR compliance in GS1, HIBCC and IDF formats (barcodes, QR codes, Data Matrix's and many more) and verify an asset via your own inventory or a verified external source such as EDUMED or AccessGUDID.
  • Capturing data without the need to tether your users to their desks allows for optimal data capture, carrying the power of asset management at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they are, at any time of the day.
  • With flexible ATP Workflows, you can re-use one of existing templates and customise it to your requirements, or we can work with you to create your own custom Workflow just the way you need it.
  • Use our web-based dashboards to gain real-time access to your data as it sync's from ATP devices to the cloud, securely handled with modern programming practices and security measures.
  • Contingency planning with secure mobile devices connected to your SaaS ATP instance via your preferred mobile network to ensure your flow of data is not interrupted by local network outages.
  • View KPIs, audit data, heatmaps, and reports to make critical decisions on current and historic data from single or multiple locations. Store data for future auditing and historic review/analysis insecurely designed data silos.
  • Set schedules for your staff to carry out common tasks via ATP Workflows to help remind them import actions and process to complete.

For our Government Public Sector customers, you can find us in G-Cloud 13 and Digital Outcomes 6 frameworks.
For commercial/retail customers, contact us for an estimation on costs based on your industry type and data requirements.

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