XR for Immersive Retail

pateikė Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware enables retailers to experience & implement XR Tech and help them stay ahead of the curve

Extended reality has given a new face to the Retail Market. AR outlays, Mixed reality interactions & virtual experiences creates a more personalized shopping experiences for customers. Solution leverages existing consumer devices such as smartphones & tablets to drive the new age experiences on top of the existing commerce infrastructures.

XR has been proven to be a very effective sales booster being at the forefront of modern technology & its benefits to the Retail industry is astounding. The fact that customers can now interact & experience the products virtually, do window shopping at home or test how an item will look in their homes or offices gives retailers a competitive advantage over others still using the contemporary methods. Hexaware’s Extended Reality (XR) Services enables retailers to get started on a broad spectrum of XR/Vision AI technologies & use cases. Solution enhances ROI by leveraging the existing IT investments. Hexaware XR services enables customers in identifying key customer/business touchpoints, potential XR use cases, friction points and business use case implementations. Solution enables customers to drive rich, intuitive Disney like customer experiences to their customers by blurring the line between the instore & online Commerce experiences. Solution also helps customers to increase product sales, reduce the number of returns, and to have an edge over competitors.

Hexaware Retail XR solution is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud and its services in driving new age experiences on top of their current commerce platform.

Features part of Immersive Retail Offering:

  • Single Product Visualization
  • Multi- Product Visualization (Multiple SKU)
  • Image based Product Search
  • Ambience based Product Search
  • Designer Toolkit
  • AR Measure – Find the right Product with Area measure and Volumetric Measure.

After the evaluation of features are done , Hexaware will get into discussion on following points.

  • Ideation on Business case
  • Outlined use cases and business drivers.
  • Plan for implementing XR experience custom-tailored to YOUR business.

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