Horizon56 RigFlow

pateikė Horizon56 A/S

Bridging the gap between well operations planning and execution

Work instructions for oil and gas well operations are still based on paper and this paper based process for creating, approving and distributing work instructions is inefficient.

A lack of visibility of operational status leads to excessive communication, and limited operational transparency. Progress is typically recorded manually on a retrospective 24h basis, and provides poor data for operations.

Horizon56 solves these problems by digitally transforming these operations information workflows and closing the gap between planning and execution.

The Horizon56 platform provides all project stakeholders with real time updates and situational awareness ensuring everyone is aligned on the latest plan.

The platform has 2 core modules:

RigBridge™ is used to create standard and consistent digital operation instructions as-well as handing the review, approval and publishing of instructions. Progress can be tracked and key insights and learnings are synchronised during execution (with RigFlow);
RigFlow™ is used at the rig site to execute approved digital instructions (created with RigBridge™) and capture operational data and key insights and learnings while providing project stakeholders with real time updates that ensures all are aligned on the latest plan.

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