HyperNet IoT Platform

pateikė HyperNym FZ LLC

Smart SaaS based Platform using IoT Technologies with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

HyperNet Platform is a cloud-based IoT secure and scalable solution that connects with millions of IoT devices, which becomes the eyes, ears, brain of organizations and bring the results for multiple types of organizations, small or large that help in achieving operational efficiency by optimizing operations and decision making.

HyperNet uses different sensors depending on availability to gather information on the road and mobile units. HyperNet Gateway is the motherboard to which all the sensors are connected. The HyperNet Gateway is responsible for collecting the sensor data and transmitting it over the cloud.

HyperNet Platform is designed in terms of scalability factor. The HyperNet platform is fully scalable in a multidimensional manner. Adding onto this extensive feature list, HyperNet Platform integrates with any existing system. on top is the Artificial Intelligence engines to take the digitization to next level by taking significant responsibility of humans.

HyperNet comes on use cases based or as a complete platform to increase the offerings of services providers like internet service providers companies , telecoms or other cloud service providers .HyperNet unlike IoT platforms provides Ready to Launch applications for various uses cases and in the roadmap launching API subscriptions only as well .

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