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InMobi Publisher Solution


InMobi Publisher Solution- The Programmatic Monetization Platform for Publishers

InMobi Publisher Solution- The Programmatic Monetization Platform for Publishers
Whether you are looking to maximize app revenue with an ad mediation platform or directly through in-app advertising, InMobi has the best solution for you.
    The World’s Most Comprehensive Monetization Platform
    • Higher Revenue: Natively implemented video ads optimized for viewability and experience increase the value of your properties.
    • Global Demand: A diverse pool of global premium advertiser demand.
    • Superior User Experience: Comprehensive suite of ad formats including video, customizable native ad units and interstitials.
    • Yield Maximization: Dynamic pricing and campaign optimization efforts to ensure the highest value for your properties.
        InMobi's Mediation Platform provides some key benefits as mentioned below to drive higher revenues and greater transparency
        • Reduced Latency: 2x lower latency with a simultaneous auction on dynamic bids from buyers.
        • Transparent: Complete control with transparency into behind-the-scenes auction mechanics.
        • Global Demand: Default access to global demand from InMobi Exchange.
        • Formats with Controls: Monetize with formats you like and controls you want.
        • SDK Bundler: Our technology consolidates all the necessary SDKs, so all you need is one download.
        • Dynamic Documentation: Personalized documentation gets your drag and drop integration up and running fast.
        • Dedicated Support: Dedicated teams of account managers and integration specialists, InMobi provides 24/7 support from real people.